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  • 03.20.2020

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  • Bayard

At Bayard, we’re doubling down on our commitment to provide you with world-class service and strategic thinking as we overcome the COVID-19 pandemic together.

We’re here, even if “here” follows social distancing best practices.

These are unprecedented times and like many of you, we’re navigating changes to everyday life and doing our part to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Following guidelines set forth by the CDC, local, and state agencies, we are practicing social distancing and have moved our team members to an entirely remote office model. We have also suspended travel and moved in-person meetings to virtual formats. That doesn’t mean we’ve slowed down. Our teams are working quickly to help clients make necessary adjustments to meet the demands of a landscape that changes by the day. 

We’re working, just without the commute.

On March 16, all team members began working from home. While our staff is working remotely, it has not impacted our ability to serve our clients in every aspect of our business. Video meetings between staff and clients are held via Zoom throughout the day. Our ERP system, Netsuite, is 100% cloud-based. Our AP and payment systems are also cloud-based, allowing us to operate at full capacity for as long as it is deemed necessary. We have and continue to be in constant communication with our media partners who foresee no interruptions to the service they provide to Bayard and its clients. Our flexibility to adjust to changing hiring needs is one of our greatest strengths and we hope you can leverage our capabilities during this challenging time.

We’re ready to help. Period.

Since 1923, we have been combining recruitment marketing expertise with the creative sophistication needed to help you have a lasting impact and ROI. We’re currently receiving calls about virtual career fairs, video interviewing tools, recruitment process assistance, short-term hiring spikes, and, of course, hiring freezes. Additionally, we are approaching this new challenge with clear eyes and a passion for discovering and innovating new ways to make remote working conditions as efficient and enjoyable as possible.  We hope you stay healthy and safe. Take a look around our site to learn how we can customize our services to fit your needs.