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WFH: Its Impact on Employer Brand & How We’re Adapting.

  • 05.01.2020

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  • Jodie Cornwell

We’re new to this, too – but we’re adapting.

In these unprecedented times, things can get tough – and we don’t just mean work-wise. The absence of a tried-and-true, beloved daily schedule is difficult for everyone (I’m even wishing for the return of my 3-hour daily commute). Being unable to physically step into the office, see work friends and colleagues, chat at the water cooler, or even pack up at the end of the day is simply not ideal.

That’s why, at Bayard, we’re taking care of ourselves and taking care of each other. Virtually, of course.

Whether it’s team activities and group chats or individual WFH practices, we’re ensuring that we stay motivated, connected, and effective. 

As a whole, we participate in weekly company-wide Town Hall meetings, where new business is discussed, teams and individuals are recognized for their accomplishments, and Bayard’s proud parents show off their new arrivals. These meetings are hosted by our CEO, who makes sure never to end a call without thanking us for our hard work and dedication to Bayard.

Each Bayard team has adapted by communicating via group chat, utilizing video conferencing (we turn the video feature on for all meetings), and having daily to weekly touch-bases about how we can improve. We’re using this time to work, innovate, and rethink the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality. 

However, we’re also using this time to have fun, to get to know each other better, and to continuously adapt to life in quarantine.

Our Creative Team, for example, began a daily end-of-the-day ritual that involves answering questions like “what was your favorite childhood TV show?” or “what songs are you currently playing on repeat?” and sharing pet photos (my personal favorite).

Our Programmatic Team has weekly happy hours, and once stayed up until 2 AM playing virtual Cards Against Humanity.

On Fridays, the Denver office participates in a virtual jump rope class hosted by our Senior Advertising Director, while our Client Services team has a group chat solely for discussing news articles and quizzes and uses as a fun way to check-in and learn more about one another.

Individually, we’re finding ways to stay active, positive, and maintain that crucial boundary between work and our personal lives. Many of us fit in quick workouts during lunchtime, set aside time to get outside, and set realistic times for finally turning off our laptops and ending the work day.

This may all seem trivial, but company WFH practices matter more than you think.

While it may seem that the effects of employers’ WFH practices start and end with employees’ productivity and effectiveness, that isn’t the case.

How companies are handling this crisis – including their efforts to keep employees inspired, united, and happy – reflect their values as employers and greatly impact the employee experience. This weighs heavily on candidate perception, and, on the other side of COVID-19, can make or break a company’s employer brand.

In other words, it’s important to consider your employees during this time. Your employees – and your employer brand – depend on it.