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Why Outsourcing Your Recruitment Process May Just Be Your Next Best Move.

  • 12.19.2022

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  • Heather Jo Douglas, Director, RPO Operations

Recruiting drives your people and people drive everything else. Entrepreneur states that, despite the latest tech or having a superior product, hiring the right people is one of the most important things you can do for your business. And hiring people is complicated and time consuming!

Every aspect of recruiting from attracting talent to interviewing, hiring, and onboarding requires the right strategy, bandwidth, and consistent execution. 

So Much to Do, So Little Time

Whether your recruiting function sits with HR, TA, or your individual Hiring Managers – talent acquisition is a time-consuming process. Everything from writing job descriptions, to advertising, to screening applications and interviewing will mean your team has less time to manage everything else they’re responsible for – employee relations, payroll, training, and running your business! Worse still, this priority conflict likely means some parts of the recruitment process are being sacrificed in the name of time – ultimately jeopardizing your chances of success.

When you let an expert team handle all your recruiting needs, your team has more time to focus on maintaining the best work environment for your current employees and delivery for your business. This limits burnout among your staff, reduces turnover, and allows your team to focus on executing successfully on their very many other priorities!

Reach More Candidates

A successful recruiting strategy involves pulling candidates from the right combination of sources, targeting them through a variety of methods, and then consistently and effectively following up with the right message. A professional team, with expertise across multiple industries, has the skill and know-how to put together the right approach, and the bandwidth to pursue candidates with the consistency needed to successfully bring talent into your organization.

Long gone are the days of candidates waiting eagerly by the phone for your call to follow up on their application. Candidates today are hesitant to pick up the phone to start with, being pursued by multiple companies at any given time, and being inundated with messages from your competitors. The right partner will have the right tools – and level of persistence – to get in front of the candidates you’re seeking.

Promote Your Brand

Most organizations spend a lot of time and money developing and promoting their company brand. Activating your brand in the marketplace is essential in all areas, and effectively promoting your brand is one of the important advantages of outsourcing recruitment services. 

A professional, centralized team engaging with your candidate pool can create a recruiting process that focuses on your brand and provides a positive experience every step of the way.

Have a Partner in Your Corner

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that the world can change overnight. Shifting market conditions and global realities can have significant impacts of who you need to hire, how you can hire, and much more. The right partner will have data and insights to share with you as you navigate a changing landscape, and be in your corner to strategize and then quickly implement the necessary changes to stay ahead of the market.

How Can Bayard Help? 

With nearly 100 years of experience, Bayard is a leader in the talent acquisition space. We’re experts in the entirety of the hiring funnel and will not only provide extensive, real-time data, but also use this data in the most effective manner to bring on board the top talent your organization needs.

We have recruitment strategists who can work with your talent acquisition team, providing support wherever needed. Our team will leverage effective strategies, tactics, and technologies to help with everything from job postings and application reviews, to interviews, and onboarding. Work with Bayard to recruit top talent. Find out how we can partner with your organization and provide the expert RPO services you need.

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