If the past several years have taught us anything, it’s that facing adversity and preparing for change is inevitable. This remains true in the trucking space, as the market has presented increasingly competitive challenges that have lasted into 2021. As carriers across the U.S. look to evolve their messaging and marketing teams cast their recruiting nets, it’s imperative to consider targeting different demographics. As of September 2021, Zippia reported that women make up only 16.7% of all professional truck drivers — and we expect this number will only continue to grow. Below, we’ve compiled six strategies your team can use to more successfully engage potential female driver candidates and position your company at the forefront of this recruiting space.

Make it clear that your carrier wants to hire women.

First and perhaps most importantly, it is critical to ensure that female drivers know your carrier truly does want to hire women. One way to do this is to audit photos on your carrier’s website to ensure male drivers aren’t the only employees featured. Is there messaging included somewhere in your company’s job descriptions and on your career site mentioning recruitment for women? Consider CRST’s website, which features multiple images of female drivers, as well as a section dedicated to Women in Trucking, directly on their homepage. They also provide resources for women in the industry, like news clips, hotlines, and organizations to join, and have video content that speaks to women in trucking. This kind of content is a solid example of not only their successful efforts recruiting female drivers, but also how to make it clear that your carrier truly wants to hire women. 

Invest in internal research.

 It’s also important to invest in internal research and survey or interview your current female drivers about their experiences in the industry (i.e., what they value in choosing a carrier, or why they were drawn to trucking in the first place). Based on this feedback, your team can then craft specific values to clarify your value proposition and create a marketing strategy targeted to your unique Women in Trucking (WIT) audience. 

Consider safety.

Safety on the job is a significant concern for women, especially those who are in the trucking industry, so it’s imperative that your potential candidates know that they will feel safe and comfortable when they’re out on the road. Provide all drivers with newer, more advanced equipment and create a safety checklist that must be completed prior to each road trip — and then make sure you include messaging about these important items as part of your recruitment marketing.  

It’s also important to ensure that your drivers feel safe when they need to stop at night.  Provide them with pamphlets and regular training about best practices, travel and routing recommendations, and self-defense protocol — this information will help your drivers to feel confident and assured when they’re out on the road alone.

Partner with the Women in Trucking Association (WITA).

Since 2007, the mission of the Women in Trucking Association has been to “encourage the employment of women in the industry, promote their accomplishments, and minimize obstacles faced by women working in trucking” — it’s an incredibly useful and encouraging resource for women in the industry and carriers alike. Members enjoy a number of benefits, including a better understanding of the challenges women face in trucking, connections and mentorship in the community, networking and professional development, and access to opportunities to better align your company’s brand and business strategies with workplace diversity best practices. For additional details and information on how partnering with the WITA is beneficial, visit https://www.womenintrucking.org/.

Provide mentors.

Provide female mentors for female truck drivers, and make sure that this perk is advertised on both your careers site and social media. This recommendation is easy to implement but often overlooked; however, it can be a significant selling point for women. Having a like-minded individual with whom your female drivers can regularly speak, ask questions, and discuss job experiences will allow them to feel more comfortable and empowered, especially since it’s still a unique space for women. 

Take advantage of social media.

Utilizing social media as a form of recruitment for WIT is valuable as well. Platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, and Snapchat allow you to place targeted ads that are often useful in discovering female truck drivers.  Utilize your own social channels to feature stories from your current female truck drivers about how they landed in the industry, why they chose to work for your company, how they connect with other women in the industry while they’re on the road, and what it’s like to be a woman in trucking. Compelling social content like this will engage not only women who have never thought about exploring a career in trucking, but also women who may be looking for a better opportunity with a competitor carrier. 


These recommended Women in Trucking initiatives are only a small sampling of the types of strategies and tactics your company can leverage to engage a widely untapped demographic. 

For more information on how recruitment marketing can help your organization attract a more diverse demographic and/or to work with Bayard’s DE&I group to build a custom WIT plan, reach out to the team at Bayard ([email protected]).

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