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Equity, &

An approach designed for end-to-end improvement.

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Be Inclusive Across All Of Your Communications & Touchpoints


  • Cast a Wide Net
  • Structured Interviews
  • Expand Recruiting
  • Form Partnerships
  • Benchmark
  • Employee Referrals

How does it work?

Bayard works closely with a tenured practitioner, Torin Ellis, to optimize Diversity & Inclusion efforts by impacting Sourcing, Recruiting, and Talent Development through the Executive Leadership lens.

What is included?

  • Internal Opportunities & Outreach
  • Media & Brand
  • Sourcing
  • Job Board Media
  • Virtual Events

How long will it take?

Given the broad range of approaches to optimizing your DE&I efforts, timings can vary, but projects can begin right away.

Are there contracts or additional charges?

No contract is required. There are no additional fees and you own all materials, except stock images, or fonts that are licensed, but you can continue using them as long as needed.

Let’s get started