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Insights. We aggregate data and analytics to inform strategy and drive business outcomesInsights. We aggregate data and analytics to inform strategy and drive business outcomes


Gather, evaluate, and interpret.

Our team of data analysts is constantly working to gather, evaluate, and interpret data from the right sources so that our clients feel informed and confident when making key decisions to drive recruitment outcomes. Our data warehouse consists of three critical segments of information: vendor and market insights, macro labor market trends, and proprietary figures from 100MM touchpoints measured annually within our media buying portfolio. This data is then used to inform the creation and optimization of campaigns, from genesis through subsequent iterations. Our actionable insights help to inform where to place job ads, how to title them, what to expect in terms of performance, and how to factor individual market conditions into those predictions.


Data drives our work.

It’s critical that the findings that impact our custom client strategies are shared in digestible and actionable ways. Our team provides real-time dashboards to give you an inside look at market conditions, competitive benchmarks, supply and demand characteristics, and ranking systems that help you identify where you’ll find success in broadcasting your company’s open requisitions.