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krow. We use technology to build efficiencies in the application processkrow. We use technology to build efficiencies in the application process

Meaningful interactions between company and candidates.

At Bayard, we’ve redefined recruitment with our very own artificial intelligence (AI) platform, KROW. Our team of digital engineers has developed an innovative way to apply e-commerce user interface design and user experience (UI/UX) to the job application process, delivering a solution that’s tailored to each company’s culture and unique recruiting workflow. Our technology helps to create more efficiencies in the hiring process by gathering the most usable data, the most qualified candidates, and the most feasible volume of applications to review. In addition, our technology allows recruiters to refresh their database of candidates, capitalizing on previous applicant investments and assisting with urgent hiring needs.

Candidate Experience

Remove friction, improve advertising and speed up recruiting

KROW is the solution for outdated and broken user experiences for candidates, recruiting teams, and hiring managers.

Our solution has resulted in:
- Up to 3X improved recruitment marketing ROI
- 190+% increase in qualified candidates
- Reduced time-to-fill by 62%

Recruiter Efficiency

Screen & Schedule

Screen candidates as they apply and invite qualified candidates to schedule an interview, all from a mobile device.

Our apply funnels have a mobile-first user experience and usually take 60 seconds or less to complete.

Keep un-hired candidates warm for other jobs now or in the future.

Improve ROI

Speed up recruiting – exceed hiring goals

Speed up recruiting with auto-interview scheduling for qualified candidates. Not only will you schedule interviews quicker than your competition, but you will have new performance KPIs to enhance your recruitment marketing strategy such as:

- Cost per interview
- Days from an application to an interview
- Interview to hire ratios