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media. We maximize exposure and investment to obtain the highest ROImedia. We maximize exposure and investment to obtain the highest ROI

Programmatic Advertising

Optimal results for any budget.

Our team of programmatic media buyers and traders is well-versed in the hundreds of media platforms that host and promote jobs across the country and around the world. With a wealth of experience, long-time media partner relationships, and innovative solutions created in-house by our team of digital experts, Bayard is able to customize programmatic advertising strategies for each client, dependent upon desired outcomes, job types, regions, budgets, and specific industries.

Our goal? To help clients create the right media mix to accomplish both short- and long-term objectives, all while delivering maximum impact and ROI. Throughout each campaign, our team works daily to manage and track media buys, analyze trends, and understand returns, adjusting the approach as often as necessary to obtain optimal results from each client’s allocated budget.

Social Media

Highly targeted, creative campaigns every time.

From LinkedIn to TikTok and everything in between, our tech-savvy team of social media tacticians has years of experience in utilizing social media platforms to achieve recruitment, branding and hiring goals. Each and every campaign is created upon the foundation of rich data — data like audience insights, platform demographics, organic content trends, and performance metrics that tell a broader story and inform everything from the creative to the copy. Our depth of experience and library of best practices allow our team to provide highly targeted, creative campaigns that maximize budget, engage candidates and tell an authentic employer brand story that resonates.

Digital + Search Engine Marketing

A Google Premier Partner since 2017.

Bayard and its team of digital marketing strategists have successfully managed to obtain and hold the coveted Google Premier Partner status since 2017 — a designation granted only to the top 3% of all consumer and advertising agencies within the United States. This distinct partnership is based on continuously meeting Google’s requirements in the following areas: client growth, client retention, product diversification, ad spend, certification, and performance.

Quite simply, we’re experts in developing and managing strategic search, display, and video campaigns that yield high ROI and achieve recruitment marketing goals. No matter which industry you’re in, we understand how to utilize digital trends, industry insights, and highly targeted audiences to get results — increased search visibility, improved search rankings, more website traffic, and higher (employer) brand awareness.