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Programmatic Media & Digital Solutions

Creating the right media mix to accomplish your short- and long-term objectives.

We deliver maximum impact and ROI on your media strategies. Through an objective view of your current state, we create custom solutions to efficiently address your needs. Throughout your campaigns, we track all media buys, analyze trends, and adjust as necessary to make your budget go further.

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Self-Serve Programmatic Job Advertising

Start a programmatic campaign instantly with Althea, a tool ideal for 1-20 jobs.

With Althea, you can get started with programmatic job advertising easily and affordably. Whether you are a small or midsize employer, our solution is perfect for those who wish to try out this novel method of candidate attraction.

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Employer Brand & EVP Development

The foundational work upon which brand activation is built, we help you articulate an authentic EVP and Employer Brand.

We all experience value differently in our careers. Answering the questions candidates have as well as the questions they didn’t realize they had is how we inspire meaningful experience and uncover shared values. It’s those shared values that form the building blocks of an authentic EVP and Employer Brand; they are the foundation upon which brand activation is built.

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Creative Services

Design and content strategy that leverages your employer brand and optimizes your media buying’s ROI.

Design is not merely a word for making something look good. We embrace design thinking in a broader sense to create messaging architectures that allow an audience to experience your employer brand in an authentic way.

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Social Strategy & Execution

Enhancing your campaigns and pages to maximize social dollars spent.

Our social team provides you with best practices in targeting and creativity to maximize your social media budget. Our expertise across every major platform ensures your campaigns will reach the right audience with creative content that drives engagement.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

In partnership with distinguished diversity strategist and host of Career Mix on Sirius XM, Torin Ellis, Bayard aims to develop strategies that empower our partners’ talent function.

We achieve this through a comprehensive catalog of human capital solutions to ensure they effectively attract, nurture, and retain the most dynamic talent necessary to not only meet, but transcend their business vision.

We pair diversity talent management methodologies with a key understanding of today’s business challenges and opportunities — designing proprietary, advanced, datadriven and high-impact talent and organizational strategies.

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Clinical Trial Recruitment

Applying our vast expertise in high-volume recruitment to help health organizations find clinical trial volunteers.

Bayard is the leading human capital attraction agency, servicing some of the largest healthcare networks across the U.S. Combining a century of recruitment experience, our team constantly delivers turn-key results.

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Metrics & Analytics

Sophisticated approaches to understand your business and recommend efficient action plans.

We believe you can’t solve a problem you don’t understand. We deploy analytics tools that are most compatible with your business to gain actionable insights. From these insights, we create creative and media strategies that help us achieve your goals.

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Client Strategy & Service

Providing you with on-demand access to a strategic partner within the agency who keeps your campaign running smoothly.

Our client service teams handle the daily oversight of client accounts and play a vital role in their success. Bayard account managers assist with the development of strategic media plans, serve as liaisons between departments, and ensure timely and accurate reporting.

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Recruiting Solutions

A customizable suite of services that delivers outcome-based, talent-driven solutions to your hiring challenges.

We optimize your talent management while minimizing your time-to-value ratio. Using our expertise in the recruitment marketing industry, we leverage the most advanced technologies to help you identify, recruit, and retain the full-time talent you need.

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Technology Advisory

Consulting services customized to your technological needs.

As a technology-open agency, we adapt to your preferences. Our goal is to make your recruitment marketing processes run smoothly and to achieve it, we use the tools you’re most comfortable with. We also have the expertise to make recommendations for new technology that can take your employer brand even further.

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