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Bayard - Leaders In Talent Acquisition Since 1923

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We're Bayard, a recruitment marketing & insights leader

Since 1923, our company has traveled up and down the road with our partners, and while the tools of the trade change, our commitment to our clients never does. As an innovative and data-driven pioneer, Bayard’s approach is fundamentally about partnership and shared values on the journey to talent acquisition success.

Media Strategy

A Flexible, Data-Driven Approach to Recruitment Media

We believe in flexible media that can be measured. While some media contracts are necessary, a large portion of the budget should be allocated to flexible, pay-per-performance solutions, which allows for the flexibility to make campaign changes if and when necessary. At Bayard, our goal is to continually improve your cost-per-application, cost-per-hire, and reduce turnover by targeting and attracting qualified candidates that are the right cultural fit.

Calculating ROI

Data with context drives our strategy & approach.

It's critical that the findings that impact our custom client strategies are shared in digestible and actionable ways. Our team provides real-time dashboards to give you an inside look at market conditions, competitive benchmarks, supply and demand characteristics, and ranking systems that help you identify where you'll find success in broadcasting your company's open positions. We then compare our data to the results driven by your campaign to improve ROI over time.