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Career Personas

We create personas to help clients know who their target audience is. Through extensive discovery research, we learn more about our clients’ aspirations and realities. This research informs our branding approach as well as our messaging, which helps us find the best candidates and match them with their best fit.

UTC Aerospace Systems

We developed conceptual personas based on the way candidates think rather than their general job category. Through interviews with existing employees, we discovered various patterns in the type of person UTC hired across recent graduates, experienced professionals, and leadership. This led to improved brand positioning and better recruitment strategies.

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Healthcare Corporation of America

We partnered with Indeed to find out how personas influence the way nurses search for jobs. Our goal was to increase click-through rates for HCA’s job postings. With a little patience and tenacity, we A/B tested our way to the perfect blend of EVP-driven titles that were proven to catch eyes and increase engagement.



KFC was struggling to communicate that job seekers could build a real career path with their company. We created personas based on career levels, which we employed throughout a careers site redesign to clarify the possibilities KFC provides at every stage of employees’ careers.