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Brand Building One Value Proposition At A Time

Brand building in today’s competitive markets for talent has taken on entirely new dimensions and urgency. We’re leading the charge.

E. & J. Gallo Winery

We placed the candidate experience at the center of Gallo’s brand refresh. To create a seamless job seeker pipeline, we utilized a modern flexibility that aligned with the welcoming tone of their new careers site as well as the family atmosphere that permeates their culture.

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UTC Aerospace System

Misperceptions that UTC Aerospace Systems was a stodgy, stuck-in-its-ways corporation were holding the company back. We updated their employer brand to speak to their innovative, industry-leading work. We even built a one-of-a-kind on-boarding kit to help UTC build strong employee relationships from day one.



A disruptive technology company in sports entertainment, DraftKings suffered from a brand positioning challenge which gave the false impression that their company culture was similar to a frat house. We combined design, content strategy, job posting re-writes, and user interface with personal storytelling to help their authentic culture shine.

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We activated Hanes’ global identity so it would go beyond their extensive consumer-facing identity. Through global navigation functionality on their careers site, we told the story that whether a candidate works in manufacturing, technology, retail, or customer service, there’s a place for them at Hanes.


University of Phoenix

For the University of Phoenix, alignment was key. A previous employer brand was creating disjointed experiences depending on who the audience was. With every deliverable, we created a brand that aligned the University of Phoenix’s values with the candidate perception, employee experience, and leadership vision.