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User Experience

We make intuitive user experiences a priority in everything we do. Without them, designs would fall flat, media campaigns wouldn’t create conversions, and candidates would struggle to find the best available position for them.


As a global company that owns other organizations, Expedia was struggling to help their job seekers navigate multiple brands. Through a simple design that streamlined user pathways, we balanced Expedia’s robust content library with a candidate-friendly experience.

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Draft Kings

We helped DraftKings bridge the gap between their careers site experience and their applicant tracking system processes. Working with their IT teams and ATS partners, we created an integration that allowed candidates to quickly apply without ever leaving the careers site.

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Pizza Hut

In order to address immediate and significant hiring needs for drivers across the country, we worked with Pizza Hut to provide candidates with an intuitive journey from their first impression all the way through the application. This included an instinctive careers site design, recurring application calls to action, and minimizing necessary clicks.

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Hanes was struggling to organize their massive global presence in a way that made sense to job seekers. We designed an innovative ‘super nav’ on their careers site that educated candidates about the variety of opportunities at Hanes, which allowed them to find their perfect fit.

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