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Bayard - Leaders In Talent Acquisition Since 1923

We Get Drivers. We Get Maintenance Techs. We Get Warehouse Workers. We Get TalentWe Get Drivers. We Get Maintenance Techs. We Get Warehouse Workers. We Get Talent

The market leader in recruitment strategies for Transportation & Logistics

Since 1923, Bayard has traveled up and down the road with our partners, and while the tools of the trade change, our commitment to our clients never does. Our data-driven strategy and innovative solutions may set us apart, but fundamentally Bayard’s approach is about partnership and shared values on the journey to talent acquisition success.

Strategy & Approach

We’re Waiting for You at the Intersection of Unsurpassed Data & Unrivaled Strategy

Equipped with the latest and most accurate data, business intelligence, and technology, our team of transportation and logistics experts will position your employer brand for success, and build campaigns designed to outperform any you have ever seen.

EVX & Employer Brand

Shifting Talent Attraction Into a Higher Gear

Bayard’s EVX model builds from the transformative power of people's unique experiences in how they value career attributes over many dimensions. We impact candidate experience by first studying the experience of value.

We call our model EVX because it focuses on Employment Value Experience. Taking into account both internal and external perspectives, it looks at the entire candidate journey. Built on social science, EVX fuels a talent acquisition strategy not only on what people want, but why they want it, and how they can experience it.